Naturboard Ventacusto - Stone Mineral Wool price

Naturboard Ventacusto - Stone Mineral Wool

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Insulation Board for Ventilated Facade, Internal Partition Wall, and Garage Ceiling

NaturBoard VENTACUSTO is a compact board made of stone mineral wool with uniform density, designed for semi-solid applications. The product is non-combustible, heat-resistant, water-repellent, resistant to aging, and chemically neutral.


  • Thermal Insulation - Low thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0.034 W/mK
  • Fire Protection - Fire reaction class A1 - non-combustible material
  • Sound Insulation - Excellent sound insulation due to the fibrous structure of the product


  • Stability and compactness
  • Resistance to aging
  • Safe for health and the environment
  • Can be easily cut to desired dimensions


  • Shape: Board
  • Without facing

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Thickness (mm) λD (W/mK) R (m²K/W) Width (mm) Length (mm) Number of Boards/Package m²/Package m³/Package
50 0.034 1.47 600 1000 8 4.80 0.24
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