Knauf Fugenfüller - Joint filler price

Knauf Fugenfüller - Joint filler

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  • Dry mix based on gypsum with special additives;
  • Used in combination with a reinforcing tape for filling joints when connecting gypsum board surfaces; ensures a minimum technical quality level of the finished surfaces;
  • For particularly high-quality surfaces, it is used in combination with finishing materials for surfaces.

Application area:

  • Manual jointing with reinforcing tape, preferably paper joint tape for Knauf boards with HRAK (semi-circular recessed longitudinal edge), HRK (semi-circular on the longitudinal edge), and AK (recessed unrounded edge)
  • Gluing Knauf boards with dry mortar using the thin-layer method.
  • Filling defects on Knauf board surfaces.
  • Gluing gypsum profiles.

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